Musicians are Selfish - Gravity Omutujju

Posted: 2020-07-22T21:28:42Z Read: 1,330 times
Musicians are Selfish - Gravity Omutujju

In a recent interview, rapper Gravity omutujju revealed why he is not part of the Uganda musicians' association (UMA). He confirmed he has no respect for UMA President, Ykee Benda.

He explained that most  musicians are selfish, they only chase their personal interests yet the association is supposed to give artistes a unified voice.

He advised the committee members to first unite them before moving around begging for money from government.

"Musicians are the most selfish people. Many have received money from the government but it never reaches the intended recipients.Ykee Benda  he has a lot to do to earn my respect," he said in an interview with a local television.