Weasel Denies Thumping Girlfriend 

Posted: 2020-07-12T20:19:23Z
Weasel Denies Thumping Girlfriend 

Musician Weasel has denied beating his baby mama, Talia Katorogo.

The two are said to have had a serious fight at their home on Thursday. She accused him of infidelity.

It is alleged that Weasel was found with another woman only identified as Phiona at home. When Talia confronted Weasel, he chased her and locked her outside.

A video of the incident  has been circulating online. 

Weasel has, however, denied the claims saying that they were shooting a music video. 

It can be recalled that at the start of this year, Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim advised Talia to dump Weasel. She wrote on Instagram, “Dear mama Thea, you are a good woman and a great mama, today I pray for you and I shall post you here to help you get courage to get out of that abusive relationship, it has drained you emotionally and physically, I post you here so that fellow women who can’t reach you can share with you words of courage and remind you that you can do this. Let’s end domestic violence in Uganda.”