Anti-Corruption court summons Jose Chameleone 

Posted: 2020-07-09T21:15:03Z Read: 1,298 times
Anti-Corruption court summons Jose Chameleone 

Musician Jose Chameleone is in deep trouble after the Anti-Corruption court summoned him over tax evasion. 

The summon was issued by the Chief Magistrate, Ms Pamella Ocaya Lumunu.

Chameleone is expected to appear in court on July 30, 2020 and he is expected to answer charges related to being in possesion of uncustomed goods, a South Sudanese car, a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Model GRJ 200. 

The court sheet suggests that the singer was on April, 12th this year found in possession of vehicle registration number SSD 499B valued at 137M.

URA, Uganda’s tax collection body also suggests that the singer had not paid the import duty for the car. 

The said car was gifted to Jose Chameleone by South Sudanese woman known as Achaii Wiir.