Barbie Kyagulanyi is an intelligent woman - Zari 

Posted: 2020-07-07T21:33:41Z Read: 2,101 times
Barbie Kyagulanyi is an intelligent woman - Zari 

Zari is one of Uganda’s biggest socialites. When she talks, she raises dust on the social media.

After questioning Bobi Wine’s potential  to run for presidency ,  a number of People Power fans attacked her and threw all sorts of insults at her.

Some supporters told her to never compare herself to Bobi Wine's wife,  Barbie Kyagulanyi. She responded saying she respects Barbie, she shouldn't be dragged in their petty issues.

 “I have so much respect for Barbie Kyagulanyi  because she's an intelligent woman and we are totally different women in one way or the other. We are both respected in our categories," Zari explained.

Barbie Kyagulanyi is often praised by fellow women for being a good role model to a girl child.