Bryan White Proves to Be Untouchable

Posted: 2020-05-19T06:35:38Z Read: 2,384 times
Bryan White Proves to Be Untouchable

With sexual harassment allegations brought against him, socialite Bryan White is still a free man.

He has security officers guarding his home in Buziga, Munyonyo and all surrounding areas.

This was revealed by human rights activists, Miria Matembe,  who stormed his home to rescue a one Stella Nandawula who claimed that she is trapped at Bryan White’s home. Stella recently accused Bryan White of sexual misconduct, and torture.

“It was not easy to get police officer to go with to his home. He allegedly has all those police officers around his area in his pockets. They don’t give attention to people who want him pinned,” she said.

“I used my connections to get police to go to Bryan’s place. Otherwise, I would not have managed," she said.

She also relayed that Bryan White is heavily protected by SFC as though he is the Vice President of Uganda.