I Have Donated Over 10M Off Camera — Pallaso 

Posted: 2020-05-11T06:49:05Z Read: 1,246 times
I Have Donated Over 10M Off Camera — Pallaso 

At first, the musicians were competing with each other on who drops the best coronavirus song. Now, it is a case of who donates more to the Covid-19 Task force.

Many musicians have delivered aid to the task force while others have directly given to fans, djs and specific groups.

The torch is now on  musicians who have not yet donated publicly. One of them is Pallaso and his fans have been pointing fingers at him. The singer says he has given over 10M to the needy.

“I send money to people every day. If I show you my mobile money you’d be amazed,” he claimed.

He says he no longer believes in donating infront of cameras.