Weasel is my favourite brother -  Chameleone

Posted: 2020-04-28T07:13:14Z
Weasel is my favourite brother -  Chameleone

The Mayanja brothers  headed by Jose Chameleone command respect and share a bigger percentage of Uganda's music industry.

Weasel, Pallaso and late AK47 have a wider fan base and their music is played  in most homes.

The brothers often fight over petty things and reconcile after days.

When Chameleone was  asked to name his favourite brother, he pointed out Weasel.

According to Chameleone, he loves both of them but finds comfort with Weasel more than Pallaso.

 “I love them both but maybe I find it easy with Weasel. I would say he is my favourite,” the self proclaimed music doctor told Galaxy FM’s Evening Rush crew during an exclusive interview.