I Can’t Date A Younger Man - Halima Namakula

Posted: 2020-04-21T08:27:05Z
I Can’t Date A Younger Man - Halima Namakula

Veteran singer Halima Namakula recently launched question and answer series on her Instagram account. She said she feels the need to keep engaging and updating her followers.

In her first session, Halima was asked whether she would date a younger man, and she replied with a big no.

“I can't date a man younger than me because I don’t have time to baby sit,” she replied.

She, however, didn’t discourage others from enjoying fresh blood.

 “As long as he doesn’t act childish. There is no problem in dating a man a few years younger,” she added.

Halima also revealed her secret to staying young.

“I do eat well whenever I can. I eat lots of fruits and greens. I also do not eat much. I walk for at least 30 minutes a day," she revealed.