Rapper Atlas is very broke - Comedian Tumu Siime

Posted: 2020-04-10T06:38:47Z Read: 1,712 times
Rapper Atlas is very broke - Comedian Tumu Siime

Comedian Tumu Siime is one of the best comedians in Uganda. His delivery and acting is unique and funny.

Besides comedy, Tumu Siime is also a radio presenter at Bukoto based Hot 100 and a TV host at Industrial based Urban TV.

On Urban TV, he often bashes celebrities on his “Yap, Reliable Nonsense,” show.

On Twitter, he branded rapper Atlas a broke fella.

According to Tumu Siime, rapper Atlas was the last legitimate heir to Ankole Kingdom but he can't afford even 5K.  There is nobody to represent the people of Ankole in offering aid to the victims of the COVID-19.

“So Banyankole, who is our King?? And don't say Museveni coz nope, its not him. I mean he is in a way, but not like is is...u get me? Last I heard, rapper Atlas is the last legitimate heir but I doubt he even has even 5k on him as we speak. So, who is going to represent us?,” he tweeted.

Tumu Siime’s tweet was in response to Buganda’s donation of UGX 100 Million to the COVID-19 victims a day ago.