Sophie Gombya: Daddy Andre's Studio  should Be Shut Down

Posted: 2020-04-01T07:46:25Z Read: 4,379 times
Sophie Gombya: Daddy Andre's Studio  should Be Shut Down

The president of Uganda musicians association has called upon authorities to shut down Daddy Andre's studio to allow unbiased investigations into his alleged sexual misconduct. 

Sophie Gombya said this matter is very crucial to the music Industry and should be handled carefully.

She said closing the studio will allow the committee to do its job   without interference from the producer.

She confirmed that she will address media soon  on how far they have gone with the matter.

"This is a matter we have to handle carefully because it affects the whole industry. If there is need to close the studio, we shall do that. We need to get to the bottom of the matter," she said during a local television interview.

Daddy Andre was accused by a number of upcoming musicians of sexual harrashment. The producer, however, denied the allegations claiming they want to tarnish his name.