Don Zella asks fans to beat ex bonkmate Big Eye To Pulp

Posted: 2020-03-02T06:16:38Z
Don Zella asks fans to beat ex bonkmate Big Eye To Pulp

Don Zella and Big Eye were at one time a power couple in the entertainment industry. They cruised around town in monster rides and were never scared to spend until they bitterly split.

Since then, both parties have struggled financially but the bigger crisis is in their political affiliations.

Don Zella is a supporter  People Power led by singer Bobi Wine while Big Eye belongs to NRM.

Big Eye has not been performing on stage ever since he was pelted with bottles on stage. He suspended his appearances on stage until further notice. 
His ex Don Zella  has now asked her fans to beat him into coma incase they come across him. 

“If you know that the public gave you the stardom you have, they believed in you…they say that each time you take away the ladder on which you climbed going up, you are bound to fall. I ask all Ugandans, whoever sees Big Eye on stage, just beat on the head. It is a command from above,” she said in a video posted on one of her social media platforms.