Pastor Bugembe Spills Top Secrets About  Mc Kats 

Posted: 2020-02-09T18:58:11Z
Pastor Bugembe Spills Top Secrets About  Mc Kats 

Mc Kats has been staying at Pastor Wilson Bugembe's home ever since he escaped from Rehab. Bugembe says he now acts  like his father. 

Talking about his experience with Mc Kats,  Bugembe confirms that  his health is steadily improving but he is not 100% okay.

“People say he is mad. He is not, but he is not 100% fine. He needs to keep taking his medication and he will get back to his feet,” Bugembe explains.

On Taking Medication 

Mc Kats previously refused to take medication saying he only needed the drugs he got from London, which according to sources he was being denied from taking.

Bugembe clarifies  that Mc Kats has become cooperative. He takes his  recommended medicine with the help of people like Super Charger.

On the People He Loves Most

After spending considerable time with Mc Kats, Bugembe has observed that the emcee loves the following people most; the After 5 team, his children and Fille. Bugembe says Mc Kats still spends nights with Fille.

“He sleeps at my place sometimes, then sometimes at Fille’s. He loves Fille so much,” Bugembe adds.

Struggle to Quit Alcohol

Bugembe allowed Mc Kats to continue smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol since quitting is a gradual process. He, however, said he would help him quit for good.

“We are trying to get him off the substances but it’s not possible to quit within a day or week. It takes time. The struggle is on and we hope to win,” he explaines.