The Music Game Stressed Me - Mc Kats

Posted: 2020-02-05T08:02:30Z Read: 1,362 times
The Music Game Stressed Me - Mc Kats

Mc Katamba Edwin aka Mc Kats has opened up on his life, drugs and women.

He has been through hell ever since his baby maama, Fille Mutoni left him.

He tried to replace her with Shammy K but it was all in vain. 

Mc Kats also attacked Fille on stage and told whoever cared to listen that he has done a lot for her.

Talking about what he has been through, Mc Kats said the music industry did more harm for him than good.

He said it stressed him and it has been affecting him mentally and emotionally.

"The music game stressed me. It has been eating me up emotionally and mentally. The devil tried me, the world frustrated me.. it is really not the industry I thought it was before," he said.