Bebe Cool Chewed My  37M From M7 - Hassan Nduga

Posted: 2020-01-30T07:19:55Z
Bebe Cool Chewed My  37M From M7 - Hassan Nduga

Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Nduga revealed that he joined NRM to become rich. 

He accused Bobi Wine of not giving him any penny apart from praising him. But Hassan Nduga might still die poor after failing to secure money from President Museveni.

He accuses Bebe Cool of chopping his money from the President.

According to Hassan Nduga, Bebe Cool was given his money  for performing at different NRM events in January  but he failed to deliver.
He claims Bebe Cool is playing hide and seek.

The "Mukama Ntikula Omugugu" singer has threatened to quit the Yellow bus if Bebe Cool doesn't deliver his package from the President.

"Bebe Cool has always played these cheating games, he thinks he is the only one who can meet with the President. He has never delivered the 37 Millions he was given. I have not even had a penny, Bebe Cool is doing more harm to President Museveni. We shall go back to our People Power, everyone is welcome there. Bebe Cool has mastered the Art of back stabbing us so that no one meets the President," he said during a local television Interview.