King Saha Begs Bebe Cool To Forgive Him

Posted: 2020-01-13T07:08:30Z Read: 3,906 times
King Saha Begs Bebe Cool To Forgive Him

At the start of 2020, musician Bebe Cool released his annual 'Bebe Cool List' that comprises of musicians that performed well in 2019. This list divided the music industry. Some artistes and fans were no satisfied with the outcomes. This sparked off a series of rants on social media.

 King Saha appeared on the list but he was cautioned by Bebe Cool against using excessive drugs.

The “very well” singer attacked Bebe Cool, calling him all sorts of names.

Most of the music fans were disappointed that he didn't take the advice yet a few months ago he had been checked into a rehab over drug use.

He issued a statement apologizing to his fans but vowed to deal with Bebe Cool. He refused to withdraw his statements against Bebe Cool.

“I know most people esp’ the fans are not happy with this saga & I apologize coz that has never been my way of handling things. Babykul’s criticizing me had a lot of hidden intentions which u’ll know in the long run. So for now, I am begging u kindly to allow me feed u musically as I deal with this fool personally,” a statement on his social media platforms read.