Inside Chaka Chaka's Deportation

Posted: 2020-01-01T10:02:51Z Read: 2,467 times
Inside Chaka Chaka's Deportation

South African singer  Yvonne Machaka alias Yvonne Chaka Chaka was deported to South Africa after entering  Uganda on a wrong visa.

According to police spokesman Fred Enanga, Chaka Chaka had entered the country on an ordinary visa of a visitor yet she had come to perform and required a working visa.

Enanga said  the Immigration Department cancelled her temporary visa before security officials escorted her to Entebbe Airport and put on the immediate plane back to South Africa.

Chaka Chaka was set to perform at Buganda Kingdom/CBS organized annual event, Enkuuka.

We bring you some other reasons as to why Chaka Chaka was sent back.

Last year, Chaka Chaka praised Bobi Wine when she was in Uganda. She said that Africa had gotten a new Mandela and that was Bobi Wine.

In Uganda, Bobi Wine is nolonger allowed to perform. Anyone who strongly believes in Bobi Wine's ideologies is likely not to hold any show in Uganda.

While in Ghana early this year, Chaka Chaka called upon Africans to support Bobi Wine in his quest to remove President Museveni.

She said Bobi Wine is  young and a nationalist who dearly loves Africa.

Chaka Chaka also often mobilises support for Bobi Wine on different media platforms.

The two are good friends and whenever Bobi Wine is in South Africa they meet for a chat.

It should be remembered that Chaka Chaka is one of the Africans who used music to fight for there freedom and end Apartheid in South Africa. 

Her songs such as Freedom, Africa, Maamaland, Fire Man among others were used to inspire Africans to fight the white rule in South Africa.

The organiser of the "Enkuka" concert, Abitex has also been a critic of the government. This could have been away to get back to him.