Desire Luzinda Gives to less Privileged Children

Posted: 2019-12-23T08:26:37Z Read: 2,853 times
Desire Luzinda Gives to less Privileged Children

Singer Desire Luzinda has a giving heart. On Saturday (December 21) she sent a delegation of her team members to deliver a slew of items such as beddings, sugar, food to an orphanage home in Lungujja named, Uplift A Child Orphanage Centre.

Luzinda who is currently in the states is still making herself present in the lives of people she cares about through philanthropic causes.

She has been donating to the same orphanage centre since 2015.

“Years ago, I made a grand decision to support the unprivileged in any possible way i could and i give Glory to God who has been of Providence to me. He has enabled me to single handledly make it happen.

Since then, it has become part of my lifestyle to do an outreach twice a year; On my birthday 25th August and during the Christmas season where I celebrate and share with the kids,” Luzinda told us in a message.