5 Most Controversial Moments In Uganda's Music Industry In 2019

Posted: 2019-12-20T06:02:06Z
5 Most Controversial Moments In Uganda's Music Industry In 2019

These are the moments that rocked the music industry. Howwe compiled a list that comprises of the most memorable and electrifying moments that impacted music as an art form and the public that consumes it. Read on;

1. Mc Kats' Drama

Celebrated TV personality and events Mc, Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats grew up in the limelight.

He has seen a lot, and some of his fans say he has been around since the signing of Buganda Agreement in 1900.

From losing friends, jobs and a heartbreak, he is now admitted in hospital over mental disorder.

After breaking up with musician Fille Mutoni early this year, his life turned upside down. He sabotaged Fille's career but they later reconciled.

Mc Kats also had a fall out with the management of Fame Lounge for his unbecoming behavior.

He immediately got a gig at Pearl of Africa Hotel. The contract was later terminated. He reconciled with Fame Lounge management and was given a second chance to host his Celebrity Wednesday which had failed after he left.

He also had a bitter fight with his friend turned foe Producer Side Soft. With all these problems, Mc Kats resorted to alcohol and drugs to forget his problems.

2. Rema's Break Up With Eddy Kenzo

Musician Rema Namakula officially dumped Kenzo on 2nd of September after her  invitation card leaked to social media.

She later introduced her new lover Dr. Hamza Ssebunya in a luxurious ceremony at her parents home in Nabbigo along Masaka road.

The function was  highlighted by Glamour and glitz.

Heartbroken Kenzo  turned into a blogger on social media to express his feelings for Rema.

After two weeks of their marriage, Rema was back in the news for reportedly selling off some  of her properties to clear debts incured during her functions.

3. Sheebah Karungi, Cindy Sanyu Beef

The two musicians dominated news for over three months.

Cindy consistently attacked Sheebah for failing to lerform live music and Sheebah responded saying  Cindy is a jealousy musician who can't influence numbers.

Sheebah asked Cindy to show off her assets she acquired from her good music.

Cindy believes she is best female musician in East Africa and Sheebah thinks other wise. This has kept their beef ongoing.

4. Musician Grenade's insatiable appetite for Sumbies

At just 21 years,  fast rising musician, Grenade official has slept with most old women in Uganda.

He was accused by socialite Amanda for sleeping with Sheilah Gashumba behind her boyfriend's back. He was reportedly kidnapped, beaten by God Plan's paid goons.

Grenade also enjoyed a relationship with AK47's widow Maggie Kaweesi. He later moved on after meeting another old woman.

Furious Maggie later alleged that he had a threesome with Eddy Kenzo and Tanzanian singer Harmonise.

Grenade pleaded for forgiveness from the public, promised to learn from his mistakes and move forward.

He is also linked to socialite Judith Heard, Sue Ochola and Vivian Mbuga.

President Museveni's New Song

President M7  recorded six songs under the  guidance of his said manager Balaam Barugahara. He also appointed two musicians as his advisors.

 Butchaman, Bobiwine's Nemesis as his advisor on Ghetto affairs and Catherine Kusasira as his senior advisor on Kampala matters. King Michael and Big Eye were given cows by the president.