I have used drugs before - GNL Zamba confesses

Posted: 2019-12-19T07:22:25Z Read: 2,769 times
I have used drugs before - GNL Zamba confesses

Legendary rapper GNL Zamba is one of those few artistes that are living an exemplary life.

After breaking onto the music scene in 2007,, the rapper took the industry by storm.

He is credited with bringing rap and Lugaflow style of music to mainstream radio and other media houses in Uganda.

He fell in love with an American singer Mariam Tamar after meeting in Uganda and GNL left with Tamar to the USA to further his education and music. 
 In the USA, he got married and started a new music career with his wife who is currently in Uganda with him.

While appearing for one of the interviews on a top media station, he confessed to have used drugs before, marijuana in particular. He says he did not like it, he and stopped using immediately.

 “To be honest, I have used drugs before and it was marijuana but I should count myself lucky because I didn’t love the way it made me feel. I took it because some people where encouraging me to but it wasn’t really for me," he confessed.

This was after it was discovered that almost every musician in Uganda has used or uses drugs.