Emotional Rollercoaster: Mc Kats In Mental Breakdown

Posted: 2019-11-28T11:03:18Z Read: 4,060 times
Emotional Rollercoaster: Mc Kats In Mental Breakdown

Mc Kats has been experiencing a range of emotions for the past few weeks. His breakdown was triggered by Producer Sidesoft and upcoming singer Shammy K whom he accuses of stealing his money. He also claims Sammy K had bad intentions of replacing Fille in his life.

And since Wednesday, Mc Kats has been ranting on Facebook, accusing the two of betrayal.

He is posting nonstop, trying to prove that's rich - having started working at 15 years.

Many of his fans are worried that he might even post top kept secrets about his family. Some one needs to take away his phone for now.

And the two hit back, denying claims and accused Mc Kats of disgusting behaviour especially considering that he has never been Shammy K's manager.

They claim Mc Kats was just helping them to push her music since he is a bigger brand.

They added that he was paying back for what Producer Sidesoft did for Fille. He used produce her music at free cost.

He went on to allege that Mc Kats hired a gunman to kill Fille. 
 “I stopped you when you hired gunmen to shoot Fille’s former boyfriend Omar. You and some dirty officers took him to a safe house and he was beaten badly and videos were sent to his phone," Sidesoft statement on Facebook page read.