Weasel attacks Bebe Cool again

Posted: 2019-10-03T07:56:21Z
Weasel attacks Bebe Cool again

Musician Weasel doesn’t like Bebe Cool and he cannot hide it. Weasel has always used any given opportunity to attack Bebe Cool during interviews.

In his recent jab, Weasel labelled Bebe Cool as a masquerader who doesn’t deserve to be called a legend.

Weasel says the title belongs to his elder brother, Jose Chameleone. 

The Goodlyfe artiste said this while weighing in on the matter of whether Chameleone is more of a legend than Maddox.

Maddox recently said Chameleone is not a legend. 

In Weasel’s opinion, Chameleone is more than a legend. Maddox was just lucky to  have a successful album and that's it.