Fresh Daddy accuses manager Francis of Fraud

Posted: 2019-09-18T10:07:31Z Read: 1,726 times
Fresh Daddy accuses manager Francis of Fraud

Early this year, rapper Ssenyonjo Patrick alias Fresh Kid got a major  breakthrough courtesy of De Texas boss manager Francis.

When Fresh Kid started getting gigs and sponsorships, a war erupted between Francis and Fresh Kid's parents over money. 

With the help of authorities, they signed an Momerandum of understanding (MOU)   and agreed on a percentage each would take from the singer’s earnings.

However, a few months later, Fresh Daddy has expressed dissatisfaction with what  he is getting from manager Francis.

According to Fresh Daddy, he has only received Ugx 2.6 millions yet Fresh Kid had many gigs  during the holiday.

The “maziike” singer has requested authorities to intervene and audit manager Francis.

When we contacted Manager Francis, he denied the allegations saying Fresh Daddy is just greedy.