Heartbroken Kenzo Is Very Depressed - Insider

Posted: 2019-09-17T09:46:16Z Read: 3,303 times
Heartbroken Kenzo Is Very Depressed - Insider

Musician Eddy Kenzo was dumped by his baby mama Rema Namakula two weeks ago.

He came out and posted an emotional love letter addressed to Rema, claiming he will always love her.

An insider has revealed to Howwe that the “sitya loss” singer often breaks down when talking about his failed relationship.  “Kenzo is depressed. His life is in a mess. He feels like a loser who has no future. He hates all women. Rema's move left him confused,” an insider told our reporter during a phone call.

Kenzo also hinted about being depressed in a tweet that read, “Pray for me.”