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Harmonize Management Scared Of Chameleone's Next Move

Posted: 2019-08-30T08:00:03Z Read: 5,522 times
Harmonize Management Scared Of Chameleone's Next Move

Tanzanian musician Hermonize is living in fear after humiliating Ugandan music legend, Jose Chameleone.

Harmonize collaborated separately with two Ugandan artists,   Chameleone and Eddy Kenzo on a song titled "Inabana", that's the talk of town as music fans are busy comparing the two versions.

Speaking to us this morning, Harmonize management declined to speak about the Inabana song.

"Ask any other question but we can't talk about the song or any issue related to it," Harmonize manager told Howwebiz.

Harmonize, who is currently on tour in UK, also declined to comment about the song.

 "I can't talk about Chameleone Issues," Harmonize told us.

A source that requested to remain anonymous told Howwe that Harmonize and his team are scared about what Chameleone's next move is going to be after he requested them not to out the song.

However, Chameleone said he doesn't care what happens with the song despite everything.

"I have no problem, i have been contacted by different people from Harmonize management but i have told all of them that it is okay. I don't mind Kenzo jumping on the song if that's what Harmonize wants," Chameleone said.