Weasel Attacks Kenzo Over Collabo With Harmonize, Kenzo Clears air

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Weasel Attacks Kenzo Over Collabo With Harmonize, Kenzo Clears air

Jose Chameleone's brother, Weasle Manizo has accused Kenzo of undermining Chameleone by collaborating with  Harmonize on a song dubbed' Inabana'.
He says Kenzo disrespected a music legend, Chameleone.

Insiders say Eddy Kenzo is now scared of facing  Chameleone after everything coming to light. 

He claims he didn't know about Chameleone's version before working with the Tanzanian musician. However, most people have rubbished this as a lie. 

Music fans say Kenzo intentionally wanted to prove that he is bigger than Chameleone and he (Chameleone) can't do anything about it.

On Wednesday, Kenzo released a video on Facebook explaining how he started working with Harmonize.

In the video, he claims to have been working on the song for four months and Harmonize didn't tell him about Chameleone's version.

How the song drama started.

About a year ago,  Harmonize approached   Chameleone for a collaboration, which Chameleone agreed to. They worked on the song  peacefully and when  it was time to work on the visuals to complete the project, Chameleone said he was busy to work on the visuals. He allegedly asked Hermonize to come to Uganda to make the video shoot possible, despite everything, Harmonize came all the way down to Uganda but still he wasn't given audience by the "Wale wale" star.  
Closes sources revealed to us that actually, they never met at all. 

For close to a year, Chameleone deliberately refused to work on the video with Harmonize and didn't  give him permission to release the song. 

This prompted Harmonize to look for plan B which was another big Ugandan international star and the best option was Eddy Kenzo. 

Eddy Kenzo, who already had music with the former Wasafi star didn't hesitate to jump on the song. He worked on the video and the song was finished in less than 4 months. 

When Chameleone heard about this, Chameleone’s version of the song was released  online before Harmonize outed his with Eddy Kenzo.

But this didn't stop Harmonize and Eddy Kenzo from dropping their version and as we speak, the two songs are competing co-currently. 


I know many people confused about this song naye nange bwendi sabitegera bulungi I don't know what happened, naye ate nali sikyayina kyakola so byebyo.

Posted by Eddy Kenzo on Wednesday, August 28, 2019