Lugogo Cricket Oval Proves Too Small For Rolex Festival

Posted: 2019-08-19T16:06:51Z Read: 1,925 times
Lugogo Cricket Oval Proves Too Small For Rolex Festival

Former Miss Tourism Enid Mirembe organised  the 4th edition of Rolex Festival on Sunday  at Cricket Oval, Lugogo and it was a total success.

The previous editions were hosted at the Uganda Museum but management decided to shift to a bigger venue for this year's edition. 

By 3:00pm, the venue was filled beyond capacity as revellers lined up at the gate to  access the premises. 

Our snoop talked to one of the organisers, Jonathan Nalebo, who said they are considering moving to Namboole Stadium next year. 
“We are surprised that this is too small for us. I think Namboole will do better next year. But before the year ends, we are having Jinja edition then we can plan thereafter,” he said.

The event that was hosted by Galaxy FM’s DJ Nimrod and Flavia Namulindwa. The Rolex lovers were entertained by musicians that included King Saha, Sheebah, Karole Kasita, Suspekt Leizor among others

Spin masters like Dj Denno, Dj Juniestar thrilled the crowd with their massive mixes that kept them on their feet up to 10:00pm when the show officially closed.