Big Sorry: Straka Mwezi Evicted Again Over Rent

Posted: 2019-08-16T07:44:32Z Read: 2,685 times
Big Sorry: Straka Mwezi Evicted Again Over Rent

The former WBS TV presenter Straka ‘Baibe’ Mwezi has a bad reputation when it comes to paying rent.

She is back in news after she reportedly failed to clear rent arrears at her bar located in Bweyogerere.

The furious landlord  confiscated all her property, hoping to recover his money.

According to the  chairman of the area, her bar has been shut down and her posters removed from the premises.

In  2014, she was evicted from a boutique in Makindye after failing to clear rent for months.

Then in 2015, she was taken to Bunamwaya police station after her landlord caught her shifting at 3am. She hadn't paid rent worth Shs 5M.

She later released a 3 minute song bashing the landlord that evicted her for non payment of rent due…