Let No South Sudanese Ever Attend My Concerts --- Bebe Cool.

Posted: 2014-09-18T08:31:07Z

South Sudan has decided to send away all foreigners who work in South Sudan deadline 15th oct, This didn't fend well to most Ugandans who have toiled, invested and died fighting for the peace and people of south Sudan.

Now that there is abit of peace the government of South Sudan  has made it official, that no foreigner should be within the borders of South Sudan even those that fought for them in their time of darkness.

Meanwhile that being said, Bebe cool one of the most influential music artists in Uganda had this say;

South Sudan has decided to send away all foreigners who work in South Sudan deadline 15th oct,that includes all our fellow Ugandan brothers n sisters who had invested their lives in South Sudan. If it is true, let me be the first person to react positively by saying LET NO SOUTH SUDANESE EVER ATTEND MY CONCERTS AND I SHALL DO NO FAVOR FOR ANY SOUTH SUDANEE effective 15th October .Scratch my back I scratch yours.

Bebe cool posted this on his facebook page and these were some of the comments from his many fans;

Bhoryiaak Isaac Mayen what a relieve that South Sudanese will be forced to save their money, by being denied entrance to concerts. thanks be to Almighty God. but Bebe i have been your serious support for about seven or eight years now but know it that i will never, note very well i will never attend any of your concerts even if you came to Juba, i didn't know you are very cheap like that. instead of talking something genuine that evolves the Africans that i believed was your mission in music. you have decided to solicit cheap popularity by impressing you fan base in Uganda. surely you must be a katala. for your information if you even read news, South Sudan is not in any way chasing investors, its only asking that jobs that should be for nationals be given them. i am not surprised to read such from you.

Sebit William Ker Tony Wow, you are a total disappointment to many. How on earth do you react to something you don’t know or understand? (Oh they say you didn’t study);you see, books are very important. Bobi wine for example will never write some crap- Ok having said that, let me tell you what happened; South Sudan ministry of labor issued a circular regulating What jobs can be occupied by Foreigners and which one by the locals.(has absolutely nothing to do with expulsion of foreigners) Same case in Uganda and all other countries over the world. You can’t find a South Sudanese working as a private secretary in any public offices in Uganda. Why should it be Different for the case of South Sudan? Please Next time you want to comment on something, first understand the details. Now a piece of Advice, swallow your misplaced ego and apologize to your South Sudanese fans(not me) for i know you can be more than that stupid post.

Bigdreams Daniel's Marcus dont my brother Bebe.iam sudanese but the problems engulfing us are beyond madness.those are cheap political talks with no bases.Gagamel dis ting

Rashid Sempijja Those fools we help them as ugandans they mistreat us in their country INFACT U SHUD COMPOSE A SONG FOR THEM.....#RESPECT

Kagisha Ivan we have given you peace in our country and you have chased us in yours!!! What do you expect?????!!!! You guys have been killing us and teasing us but we were very quite,this time no chance for you!!!!!!!!!.....

I don’t know what the hell to expect from other Ugandan artists because this guy has taken a stand.

Will the Ugandan government do the same for the south Sudanese that stay in Uganda??

What do you think and will happen. Leave your comment below

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