Socialite Sue Ochola Fails To Pay Electricity Bills

Posted: 2019-07-15T09:02:40Z Read: 1,303 times
Socialite Sue Ochola Fails To Pay Electricity Bills

Socialite Sue Ochola’s bar, Casa De Roy in Industrial Area might not be making enough money to sustain it.

Howwe corps passed by the bar on Thursday night and it was in total  darkness as Yaka had run out. They had resorted to using candles.

The management informed a handful of patrons that had come to enjoy their drinks that the issue would be resolved as soon as possible but by the time our snoops left, the place was still in darkness.

Casa de Roy, is pioneer Champagne bar in Uganda. It is breath taking and cozy on the inside.

Everything from the décor to the furniture, to the wall hangings and the carpet is art.

The ambience suggests originality and class.

We hope that Sue Ochola can market well the place to attract clientele.