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EXPOSED: Sheilah Gashumba Created & Runs Boyfriend's Social Media Accounts

Posted: 2019-07-05T07:35:56Z Read: 1,577 times
EXPOSED: Sheilah Gashumba Created & Runs Boyfriend's Social Media Accounts

Hottest info on Howwe desk indicates that Sheilah Gashumba has been running her boyfriend's accounts especially instagram.

Our impeccable sources  say, she created all the accounts under her boyfriend's names, God's Plan. And she controls all of them.

According to our reliable source, God’s Plan was against creating a presence online because of his past life. 

Sheilah created the accounts behind his back to show her followers and haters that they are madly in love.

Sheilah uses the platforms to show off their super artificial lifestyle.

On instagram, she heaps praises on herself as the sweetest girlfriend he has ever dated. 

The same accounts have often been used to comment on Sheilah Gashumba’s posts,  branding her the most beautiful and loving woman.

 “He hates to see his face on the internet because of his past life.  Sheilah created the accounts and runs them. By the time he found out, the accounts had already grown. They had a bitter fight  about it but he let it go. He has never posted anything on the accounts," the source revealed.

Four months ago, they had a strain on their relationship and since then, Sheilah has been trying so hard to convince her online following that God’s Plan is so into her.