Bebe Cool Buys Video Cameras Worth Over 300M

Posted: 2019-07-03T13:36:17Z Read: 2,997 times
Bebe Cool Buys Video Cameras Worth Over 300M

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool is all smiles as we speak after  purchasing a mini ARRI Alexa  & Red Gemini Cameras, which are some of the most expensive lens equipment in the world. 

A Mini ARRI Alexa costs about $59,890 & the Red Gemini costs a minimum of $24,500. 

Through a post on his social media platform he posted, "East African/UGANDA game changer. Quality is key in competition and at this point allow me to confirm that Gagamel international studio has purchased two massive video/movie/tv commercial top of the range cameras and lenses.

1-Mini ARRI Alexa 

To work with Cooke prime lenses and Zeiss cp3 lenses.

We will test them in California this week as we shoot two music 3 music videos.

Thank you president M7".