King of Bongo Diamond Platnumz Out with New 'Kanyaga'

Posted: 2019-06-30T08:44:22Z
King of Bongo Diamond Platnumz Out with New 'Kanyaga'

By Mdundo

Diamond Platnumz is back on it with a new jam; ‘Kanyaga’ and we are all here for it. The jam is about him stepping on all the negative vibes that may be pushed or just appear along the way; yaani, tunakanyaga all negative vibes.

The video’s grand intro sets Diamond outside mid-class apartments and a whole lot of people and  bull dogs to grace his appearance. The video progresses to; him visiting the shanties, sitting in a tattoo parlor, dancing in the shanties and chilling in the hood. 

It technically takes us through Tanzania’s street culture with make-shift gyms, dancing in the streets; even with kids appearing on the video to dance and a couple of businesses in the streets. 

The video has an array of well-built men dancing and just stuntin like only African men know how to and a couple of women adorned with vibrantly coloured turbans.

Now that Diamond has made zanku cool again, get on it and just kanyaga on whatever bad vibe.