Pallaso attacks Urban TV's Tina Fierce again

Posted: 2019-06-14T07:57:41Z Read: 2,533 times
Pallaso attacks Urban TV's Tina Fierce again

Pallaso’s relationship with Ugandan journalists has never been good. The singer has often felt the media rubs him the wrong way, and he keeps scoffing at anyone who identifies as a journalist. 

The singer’s most recent spat is directed at Urban TV’s Tina Fierce after the gossip queen highlighted that Chameleone performed at flopped concert dubbed, Tomorrow Leaders Concert in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Chameleone sang for empty seats at a show that was expected to attract huge crowds because it had a lineup of superstars like Diamond Platnumz, Alaine and Morgan Heritage. 

Tina did not sympathize with Chameleone. She called him cheap for accepting to sing whereas the likes of Diamond Platinumz refused.

It was Pallaso who got pissed most by Tina’s comments, he has called the presenter unpatriotic and useless to the Ugandan music industry.