Michael Ross Apologises After The Ginuwine Concert Embarrassing Incident

Posted: 2018-12-03T07:56:44Z
Michael Ross Apologises After The Ginuwine Concert Embarrassing Incident

Soul star Ginuwine held a successful concert over the weekend at Munyonyo Speke Resort Hotel but the highlight of the night was the way local singer Michael Ross was dragged off stage by bouncers.

Micheal Ross has come out and apologised to his fans and the show organisers despite all the criticism being heaped on the bouncers.

Through his instagram platform, Michael Ross issued an apology that read,

"First of all, I take full responsibility for all my actions in this video clip. I had no business being on that stage in the first place. But here is what happened. Ginuwine was performing his last song PONY which happens to be a favourite of mine. So I made my way from the back of the VIP to the front with my phone in my hand ready to record a clip of that moment. But I was pushed by a bouncer who claimed that I was too close to the stage. We got a short argument because he was too disrespectful to me. So I put my phone back into my pocket and without even thinking twice, I slipped behind the bouncer and jumped on stage. That is when I got bounced. I had no intention of disrupting the show whatsoever. I just made a silly mistake. However I  am thankful that when I was thrown off the stage, I did not get hurt. So I take full responsibility again and apologise to Guniwine, the organisers of the show for the inconveniences and all my fans in case I let you down in anyway."

This incident has attracted attention from the government. Through their twitter platform, they promised to register and monitor all bouncers in Uganda for the safety of Ugandans.