Fille Is Rumoured Pregnant

Posted: 2018-11-15T12:30:26Z Read: 5,590 times
Fille Is Rumoured Pregnant

Unconfirmed rumours doing rounds in Fille's Fans WhatsApp group is that troubled singer, Fille Mutoni is pregnant.

However Fille’s closest friend was quick to quash it, labeling it baseless and annoying.

‘She is not pregnant. Why do people love poking their noses in business that don't concern them? People are annoying’, a friend commented.

 Fille and her baby daddy, Mc Kats have not been on good terms for about two months. Fille has been handling her music business affairs alone after accusing Mc Kats of sleeping with a city babe identified as Shadia.

It’s further said, the couple sleeps in separate beds which brings a question of who is responsible for the pregnancy.

However one note of concern – like they say – there is no smoke without fire. Over to you!