Cardi B Refutes Writing Diss Track About Nicki Minaj

Posted: 2018-11-09T10:26:32Z Read: 1,761 times
Cardi B Refutes Writing Diss Track About Nicki Minaj

Cardi recently dismissed rumours that she’s penned a diss track about Nicki Minaj – with whom she was involved in an altercation at the New York Fashion Week – insisting that she’d rather address their differences in person

She said: “The way that I came up, it was never about dissing nobody, and I still feel like I don’t need to diss anybody for nothing. My music was never about that.

“I have a short temper, so that’s like doing things that I don’t stand for. I don’t like when people be subbing me. So why would I be subbing you on music?

“And any problem that I have, I always address people face-to-face. I don’t care. It’s whatever the energy’s like. I don’t care.”

Meanwhile, Cardi recently admitted that she’s been too busy to release a “bonus” track for her fans.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker’s star wanted to treat fans to an album outtake, but she’s been unable to so far because her schedule is so packed.

She said: “The plan was always to drop a, like, bonus. But I just didn’t [think] I was going to be so busy doing back-and-forth, back-and-forth things after I gave birth. It’s like, oh my God, like, my schedule is so flooded.

“Maybe in December or just maybe January. I don’t know. It’s just songs that I felt were really good songs that didn’t make the album.”