New beef Alert : Mc Kats, Aganaga Clash

Posted: 2018-11-05T09:19:28Z Read: 4,025 times
New beef Alert : Mc Kats, Aganaga Clash

Mc Kats and Kalifah Aganaga are not seeing eye to eye. This follows a recent fight at Wave Lounge in Kololo. The fracas started when Mc Kats denied Aganaga a chance to promote his music.

Aganaga poured whiskey in Mc Kats's face and this left him cursing,  vowing to teach the pencil thin singer a lesson.

Howwe has since learnt that Aganaga's music doesn't play on shows Mc Kats hosts.

Aganaga has been attacking everyone of late and this could be bad for his career.