Khalifa Aganaga For Mini Concert

Posted: 2018-10-19T10:02:22Z
Khalifa Aganaga For Mini Concert

Musician Kalifah Aganaga is doing well musically this year and he has so far released songs like "Katono" and "Kibooko".

The "Crocodile" singer is set to stage a mini concert dubbed 'Kiboko Mu Katono' at Aer Lounge in Kololo on 23rd August 2018.

Aganaga announced the news through his social media platforms where he posted artwork for his mini concert.

He will then have other extra shows at Setellite Beach, Mukono and Eden Service Park on  24th and 25th November, respectively.

This will be Aganaga's second mini concert in 2018.

His first concert was dubbed 'Aganaga Can Sing".