Exclusive: Navio fights with girls in a bar

Posted: 2018-10-18T14:49:13Z Read: 5,549 times
Exclusive: Navio fights with girls in a bar

Rapper Navio Kigozi was once a darling to women, but it seems he doesn't care anymore after settling down with Matilda.

On Tuesday night, Navio  was embroiled in a fist fight with Carol, a student of Makerere University at Atmosphere bar in Kololo.

The fight started when Navio sauntered into the bar and elbowed Carol to make way.

Enraged Carol confronted Navio, who was in the company of his bodyguard Billy.

An exchange of insults ensued especially because Navio, who was tipsy, was not willing to say sorry.

Carol, who had an entourage of 6 friends, two of whom were boys swung into action to save their friend.

The fight intensified prompting the two groups to be thrown out of the bar.

Navio had to run like chicken thief as Carol's friends picked stones to beat him.