German And Ugandan DJs Set To Excite Revellers At 'Mirembe' Rythm Dance Party

Posted: 2018-10-12T07:46:02Z Read: 1,130 times
German And Ugandan DJs Set To Excite Revellers At 'Mirembe' Rythm Dance Party

Goethe-Zentrum Kampala, also known as the German Cultural Society, is gearing up to host the much anticipated "Mirembe Rhythm," which is an energizing and unifying dance party.

The "Mirembe Rythm" will showcase both local and international DJs at The Square, located on 3rd Street, Industrial area on 20th October 2018 and the entrance is only Shs 5000.

Mirembe Rhythm is a DJ concert and dance party that will feature guest DJ Sarah Farina and music producer and DJ Yo van Lenz from Germany alongside prominent Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJs from Uganda like Nyege Nyege’s  Hakuna Kulala, Catu Diosis, DJ Rachael, The Control Posse (an EDM/Hip Hop Fusion collective of MCs and a DJ), and Kampala’s favorite dancehall spinner, DJ Ciza.

 "Mirembe (Peace) Rhythm" represents positivity, peace and unity, music/dance fun and positive vibes!  

The guest DJs, Sarah Farina and Yo van Lenz from Germany have 10 years of bonding over the love of their similar influences, Sarah and Yo's enthusiasm to explore, from club tunes to psychedelic guitars, is infectious. And there is no indication of them slowing their creative flow.

In June 2018, they released the collaborative album, PEACE DUB, which reflects their ethos to create spaces that feel free of bias or judgment, in real life and online, and to elevate well-being, physically and digitally.

The German DJs are excited and looking forward to meeting and sharing a stage with some of Uganda’s biggest DJs.