Geosteady Failed Stunt Affects Upcoming Concert Venue

Posted: 2018-09-27T08:04:02Z
Geosteady Failed Stunt Affects Upcoming Concert Venue

Musician Geosteady has recently been in the news for staging stunts.

Not long ago, he was rumoured to have gotten lost in Boston, USA and a search was mounted. It turned out later that he was only fooling fans to get attention.

He wanted to attract buzz for his upcoming concert dubbed "Dine With Geosteady". The concert was earlier set to happen at a bigger and more corporate venue, Protea Hotel, but he been has forced to change his concert venue to a smaller place after his failed stunt. The concert will now happen at Golf Course Hotel on December, 28.

Geosteady enjoyed a great musical run last year leading up to a very successful concert at Imperial Royale, Kampala. This year has however not been as good as he expected and he is relying on stunts to pull crowds.