Emma Carlos Denies leaking late Mowzey Radio's music

Posted: 2018-09-26T12:08:14Z
Emma Carlos Denies leaking late Mowzey Radio's music

Veteran music manager Emma Carlos worked with Goodlyfe as the promotions manager before he was fired over swindling dime.

Having worked with late Mowzey Radio in his last days, he is being accused of conniving with King Saha to release Radio's songs.

King Saha has a new song with Rydim Boys titled "Mary" and when you listen to it clearly, it's a copy Radio's style.

However when we contacted Emma Carlos, he denied the allegations  and simply assured us that its an original composition, and claims there more tunes that he wrote for the Rydim boys.

"We were in studio and I thought of something that can target weddings, so that's how King Saha came up with the name Mary. He jotted down the whole song," he assured us.

It should be noted that Emma Carlos recently sold his music record label, Twinkle Star music agency to Derrick Orone, David Lutalo's former manager.

It is said as part of the deal, he would be working with Derrick Orone under Rydim Empire to nurture new talent.

The two managers agreed to oversee the promotion and development of the Rydim Boys, a new duo intending to take over the music industry in Uganda