A Pass Threatens To Quit Music

Posted: 2018-08-09T09:15:51Z Read: 2,978 times
A Pass Threatens To Quit Music

After being blocked by Bebe Cool on Twitter, A Pass a.k.a social media noisemaker has threatened to quit music. A Pass wrote on his Twitter that he would  quit music to baby sit.

The "Mummy" singer feels unappreciated by the fans that have been trolling him on a daily basis.

A Pass posted, "Breaking News God is going to do something so big in your life that it will shock your enemies and change your life if you keep going and believing good things can happen to you, You are so blessed to be stressed by challenges on your way, so don’t stop, just keep walking and you will reach your destination. Keep going because one day someone is going to be inspired, encouraged or strengthened by your story. Keep your head high even when things get tough because God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers."

This is not the first time A Pass has threatened to quit music. He previously threatened to stop singing due to weak copyright laws and alleged exploitation by Uganda performing rights society (UPRS).