I've Not Divorced Judith Babirye Yet — First Husband

Posted: 2018-07-30T08:08:28Z
I've Not Divorced Judith Babirye Yet —  First Husband

Saturday was a big day for gospel musician, Judith Babirye as she introduced fellow MP, Paul Musoke in a colourful ceremony. Babirye invited only a few friends and the event was highly guarded as there were fears that exes from both sides would disrupt the occasion.

The two lovers kept smiling at each other, but these smiles could be temporary as Babirye's first husband, Samuel Niiwo, has said that he has never divorced Babirye.

When she filed for divorce last year, they were supposed to have several meetings to iron out things or proceed with the divorce, however, they only one meeting.

Niiwo says he didn't sign divorce papers

According to the law, it is illegal for a woman to be married to two men at the same time. There are fears that Niiwo could sue Babirye and the new husband although he doesn't say whether he has such intentions.