Faded Singer Yoyo Now Selling Boxers And Knickers

Posted: 2017-09-18T07:41:54Z
Faded Singer Yoyo Now Selling Boxers And Knickers

Remember the muscled singer Yoyo? That guy who used to sing displaying his muscles in the music videos.

The latest we have landed on is that Yoyo is grassing and has decided to vend Knickers and boxers to survive this hard economy. Yoyo recently opened a small shop along Ben Kiwanuka Street selling women accessories like knickers and boxers.

Yoyo also delivers the merchandise to his clients in offices. Most of her clients are women.

Last year, Yoyo was involved in a fight with some of his family members. He openly attacked his ‘father’, former Archbishop Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo for not bankrolling his music Career.

The Man of God didn’t accept his demands. This prompted the singer to say that he was abandoned and left the country shortly after. Well, he is back in the country trying to make a living. It is rumoured that he is also into Movie acting.