Ex NTV Star, Kleith Kyatuhaire Conned By Lover, Reportedly

Posted: 2017-09-06T08:04:36Z
Ex NTV Star, Kleith Kyatuhaire Conned By Lover, Reportedly

Former NTV star, Kleith Kyatuhaire is allegedly in tears after her Zungu boyfriend conned her and ran away with another woman.

Exclusive information indicates that Kleith accuses her boyfriend identified as Richard for bringing down their family business by using profits to sleep around with different types of women.

Before Kleith left NTV, she combined efforts with Richard to open up various businesses under one group called Shine Group. The businesses included a boutique downtown and cosmetics shops.

When her nudes leaked, she was depressed and decided to go to South Africa to cool off.

She left the businesses in the hands of Richard.

One year down the road, Richard got excited and started dating other women behind Kleith's back. Last week, he informed Kleith that he wants to sell one of the businesses because it no longer makes profits. This prompted Kleith to dig deep for more information.

She was shocked to learn that Richard had opened up a bigger boutique for another woman and no longer has interest in Shine Group.

Sources have revealed to us that next weekend, Kleith will be in the country to sort out the mess but has promised to teach Richard a lesson.