Nina Roz Signed By Fading Videographer Kim Xp

Posted: 2017-07-18T12:35:10Z
Nina Roz Signed By Fading Videographer Kim Xp

Fire base videographer, Kim Xp has signed former member of Team No Sleep, Rose Kakunda commonly known as Nina Roz as her talent manager.

Talking to the diva about the details of the contract, she notified us that it was a gentleman's agreement and there was no paper work involved.
"Kim is in charge of my bookings, appearances and interviews. There is no specific contract, I didn't sign anything" Nina Roz revealed.

Nina Roz also informed us about her upcoming collaboration with dancehall singer, Bennie Günter which she is set to release before end of this month. The tall slender singer came to limelight as Sheeba Karungi’s right hand girl. There were rumours that were sleeping together.

While at Team No Sleep, she released her break through jam, ‘Makete’ featuring Rodney Y. She was later dropped from the camp after starting a feud with Sheeba.