Who Is A Better Artiste, Mun G Vs Gravity Omutujju?

Posted: 2017-05-01T10:11:15Z
Who Is A Better Artiste, Mun G Vs Gravity Omutujju?

Hip pop music started receiving overwhelming recognition in 2008 when GNL gave life to it. He commercialised hip pop music. Rappers like Babaluku, Navio were present but they were not so much in the spotlight. Later, we saw many rappers come up like of Mun G, Big Trill, Gravity to the current young stars like Fefe busi, Fike Fameika, Victor Kamenyo, Da Agent and the list is endless.

Today, we battle Mun G and Gravity Omutujju. Take a deep breath; let's dig deep who is better than the other.


Who has done more hits? Who has better lyrics? Mun G is the absolute first son of GNL. He has maintained and kept the game up to speed. The ‘Sala pulesa’ star appeals to the young and the old. He captures their attention with comical lyrics.

Gravity music appeals so much to downtown market especially people Kisseka, Owino, Banda name it. Gravity is average in terms of music.

Gravity 40%, Mun G makes 60%

Queens’s language

Gravity 'murders' the queen’s language on the daily basis. He is a senior six drop out and former student of old Kampala sss. He can hardly express himself in English while Mun G is a graduate of Makerere University and freely expresses himself in English just that he can’t do away with the Masaka accent which stuck on him like a tick on a cow.

Mun G 98%, Gravity 2%

Stage Presence

Gravity is one of the best music performers in this country.
Most artistes fear coming on stage after he has finished performing because he doesn't only leave the crowd in total excitement but uncontrollable. Mun G is a normal performer and nothing exceptional.

Gravity 95%, Mun G 5%


Gravity’s looks scare away children and if he was not an artiste, he would have remained single.
Mun G is not what Campus girls call a hunk but better off that having Gravity.
Gravity 45%, Mun G 55%

Sense of fashion

Gravity loves fashion and spends much money on it. He puts on the latest fashion trends and shops at Abraynz collection store and Owino. Mun G is stingy and doesn’t spend on clothes. He doesn’t care how he looks.
Gravity 99%, Mun G 1%


They all have people that depend on them. Gravity has two beautiful kids that he stays with and fully takes care of.
Mun G is a family man and stays with his wife and their baby boy. Mun G owns a house in Namugongo.

Gravity 50%, Mun G 50%