Sheebah's Ex, Nina Roz Fails To Deliver Good Music

Posted: 2017-04-16T09:47:13Z
Sheebah's Ex, Nina Roz Fails To Deliver Good Music

Nina Kakunda commonly known as Nina Rose is a beautiful skinny singer formerly of Team No Sleep, she got popular by her frequent closeness with Sheeba Karungi in public places. It's also alleged that they were "eating" each other.

Nina Rose while at TNS dropped her first single Mekete featuring Rodney Y receiving massive airplay, however, she was axed from the group following allegations that Sheebah had started feeling jealousy of her music success and had petitioned the group.

Late 2016 she exited to start a solo career but since then nothing has come out of her juicy lips. All Nina does is pose naked for photo shoots, do video appearances and the usual allegations of hawking her Puss-er Cat from bar to bar to sip on some expensive drinks.

Where is the Music Nina Rose???? Earlier this year we saw images of behind the scenes to her Sikuta song but since then the video has never dropped.  Did you buy makeup instead of paying the producer?

They say God doesn't give everything.... yes it's true this beautiful singer might not leave the incubation soon and we shall have to wait for 10 years.

Close friends tell us that Nina is proud and can't listen to anyone that's why she has failed to get management.

We will keep you posted