Disorganized NRM to Vote EALA Representatives today

Posted: 2017-02-08T07:35:06Z
Disorganized NRM to Vote EALA Representatives today

The ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM Party parliamentary caucus will this afternoon go to the polls to conduct fresh elections for its representatives to the East Africa Legislative Assembly-EALA, after President, Yoweri Museveni, the NRM party Chairman ordered fresh polls following the chaos that marred the Tuesday elections at State House Entebbe.

The polls degenerated into chaos after the legislators disagreed on the voting criteria. Trouble started after the NRM Party Electoral Commission, Chairperson; Dr. Tanga Odoi, announced that the legislators would vote five candidates based on regional representation including Central, Eastern, Kampala, Northern and Western regions. Adding that two candidates would be voted from Women and Special interest groups bringing the number to seven contrary to the six slots allotted to NRM.

This did not rub Emmanuel Dombo, the former Bunyole East MP well, forcing him to pull out of the race, saying he couldn't continue in the exercise, which is based on regions. He explained that the nomination forms didn't specify that they were to compete on regional basis.

Dombo had been placed under the Eastern Region, which included the Former Kigulu South MP, Milton Muwuma and Paul Musamali as his rivals. Following the withdrawal of Dombo, the NRM party Electoral Commission, resolved that the legislators vote for the best six candidates from the seven categories, two of them women.

This would ensure that six candidates are voted and forwarded to parliament for the main elections. The voting exercise started and went only well until the vote tallying process. Hell broke loose when Odoi declared some of the votes invalid claiming some legislators had ticked more than the agreed six representatives.

The agents of the candidates wouldn't have any of this. They roughed up Odoi and asked him to stop the process or else they challenge the results in court. The no nonsense Odoi too asked them not to school him about an amendment they made together as a team.

As tempers flared, the NRM Vice Chairman, Moses Kigongo and Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa tried to intervene and try to calm down the legislators in vain.

However, the legislators failed to agree on the matter prompting the NRM party chairman, President, Yoweri Museveni to order a fresh exercise later today. The Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, says fresh polls will be held at 2pm this afternoon at State House Entebbe under clear guidelines.

She explains that they have also dropped the decision to vote candidates based on regions, saying, each MP will vote their best six candidates, two of them women.